ConklinScott is a Democratic Political Consulting Firm specializing in national political and governmental affairs, campaigns, strategic fundraising and labor relations. A veteran of over one hundred campaigns, firm President Kimberly Scott has twenty-five years of experience in working with the national political community and Capitol Hill.

Our clients include:

  • Progressive Advocacy Organizations
  • The Labor Movement
  • Corporations, Firms & National Non-Profits
  • National & State Party Committees
  • Federal and Statewide Candidates
  • Members of Congress


Kimberly Scott is also the Founder and Publisher of DemList, a free national online resource,
e-letter, and calendar for Democratic activists, leaders, party committees and allies.

DemList was followed by over 10,000 self-subscribed delegates, party officials, lobbyists, activists, press, donors, and celebrities from virtually every state during the 2012 Democratic Convention and the 2013 Presidential Inaugural and after, as the resource for all events and daily political updates.

The DemList Calendar is on Hiatus.  We will be re-tooling the calendar in anticipation of re-launching in late 2015. In the interim, sign up for the DemWeekly e-newsletter, starting in September!

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